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Solar Eclipse Energy and Crossroad in your Life

Updated: May 14

  • What is eclipse

  • The symbolic meaning of an eclipse

  • What to expect during an eclipse

  • How to navigate these energies

Solar eclipse at the beach view
Solar eclipse

In a simple, literal sense, an eclipse is a partial or total blocking of the light of one celestial object by another. An eclipse of the Sun or moon occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are aligned.

Symbolically, it indicates that temporary darkness is shadowing or covering the light.

Solar eclipse energy and crossroad go hand in hand.

So let me get straight to the point:

Not only symbolically but literally, you might be “eclipsing” hurt or pain out of your life during this time, which was holding you back from discovering new territory of your life and of your reality in this life.

If that resonates with you, it means that you are really starting to come to terms with everything that has happened up until this point.

You might have been feeling like being in limbo for quite a while, but it was your “preparation” period, your gestation time, to get you ready for the new start.

It’s as if everything that has happened in your life regarding the struggles up until now has been meticulously crafted by some sort of force.

You may find yourself immersed in a state of contemplation. You might be going over events in the past that have taken place, and you are finding yourself almost obsessing over these kinds of memories. Despite the negative connotations associated with obsessing, my personal experience suggests that it's a crucial step towards addressing and releasing some of these issues from your life.

And it doesn’t mean that you might never have these thoughts again. You might finally come to the point in your life where certain people, thinking patterns, and conditioning might not hold you back any more.

All your work leading up to this point has gotten you to this particular plateau. Ask yourself honestly:

  • What do you want?

  • What do you see for yourself?

  • And if you are prepared, start moving on.

This is a moment of closure that you may not have experienced before.

I felt compelled to share these insights with you because this is how I personally feel and how the energy of an eclipse might feel.

It is time to allow the Divine to offer you this closure and not to wait around or expect it from another individual that I feel might have been keeping you in this suspended position for quite some time now.

This is a form of narcissistic abuse, and usually when you are a victim of someone’s narcissistic tactics towards you, it leaves you very confused, surrounding the epicentre of the trauma from the past.

And if you are proactive in trying to overcome and heal yourself a lot of time when you are dealing with this, let’s say, post-shadow trauma of narcissistic abuse, there is a kind of blaming yourself that can come along with that too, because through the confusion you quite possibly start to resent yourself for having allowed yourself to be a victim of this kind of trauma.

But individuals who experience narcissistic abuse are blessed with a certain kind of wisdom.

Despite all this trauma, you have received a unique gift. If you manage to overcome this trauma and undergo enough healing to return to your path and begin moving forward, you will discover that you possess a unique wisdom that could not only benefit yourself on your journey forward but also benefit others.

And when you start to realise that and you are standing fully in your confidence, a lot of doors will start to open up for you.

Trauma survivors are blessed when they’re able to overcome the trauma with the gift of being able to help others.

Think of it as a guiding light for others.

The Divine has positioned you to be for others an inspiration, a catalyst for change, a mental, and maybe even a spiritual shift.

I haven’t come across an individual that hasn’t found a treasure at the end of some sort of traumatic cycle that they’ve been through in their life.

And when you can get to this point, trust me, you will start to see that the path that you have been on had to unfold the way it did.

It is important to take a “time out” and think about how far you have come, what you have learned, and how valuable that may be to another person, or quite possibly, a group of individuals.

There’s no telling how the universe may be working in your life.


So, during the eclipses, you might start getting a lot of “aha” moments, or

“I didn’t even see it before like that” moments, and all of the puzzle pieces start coming together. You are able to see enough of the picture to start placing all of the rest of the jigsaw puzzles to get a strong enough idea of the direction you need to begin moving in.

Even though you may have endured these cycles of narcissistic abuse, you needed to experience these various layered forms of abuse to fully understand how they operate. Once you emerge on the other side, it's as though you've inherited their playbook.

The universe is now positioning you to help and/or teach others how to overcome this in their own lives because you possess something incredibly valuable.

So start to understand the grand plan for your life moving forward; it doesn’t matter how long it might have taken.

Use this time to step through “the portal” into this new chapter of your life.

Soon, you will start to understand that everything you have been through was to get you to where you need to be in that very moment.

I believe that the Divine gives us what we can handle the moment we go a little further down our path, and then it gives us another piece to the puzzle.

The universe can see our lives in a way we can’t.

Take the position of perspective with you on your path now that you have a better idea of “how this works” and stop yourself sometimes, take a deep breath, and take time out for yourself to regain perspective so you know that you are making the right decisions.

If something makes you feel rushed and doesn’t respect that you need to take a deep breath and gain perspective first, then that should be enough to tell you where that energy may be coming from—a place of love and light or a place of fear and control.


So, let me share with you what I do when faced with a difficult decision:

Every decision should be taken to the Source first.

And this is you just sitting quietly and connecting intuitively through meditation or whatever you feel guided to do (walk in nature, take a hot bath, lay on the couch, or watch the sunset).

So, you can receive guidance and insights from the Divine, your guides, God, or whatever you use to be able to access this higher guidance that needs to become your compass.

And it needs to be at the forefront of everything you do!

As long as you do this, you cannot go wrong.

Become passionate about the connection that you hold with the Divine, with the Source, and with God. This is how you move from here on out.

Acceleration into the new chapter is available for you at the time of the eclipse.

But it depends on you.

Should you choose to accept the new and go ahead with what comes next, or keep regurgitating the old?

I will live you with that thought. Xx






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