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Key To Your Spiritual Progress

Updated: May 14

In this blog, I talk about:

  • What you should practice achieving spiritual success

  • What qualities will help you to spiritually evolve?

  • How to let the progress of spiritual ascension happen more easily

  • Importance of personal prayer

I’m sure you have heard this before:

"When the student is ready, the master will appear."

If you really wish to learn, to progress yourself, and to follow a good master, you will be able to close this gap between the student and the master.

This gap can only be reduced by a student with great reverence, complete belief, and, of course, an absolute trust in his master. By embodying qualities such as humility, dedication, and openness to new teachings, you can accelerate your spiritual evolution. Trusting in the process and maintaining a consistent personal prayer practice will also help facilitate the progress of your spiritual ascension.

Nowadays, with access to all the information out there, we can make a lot of spiritual progress on our own, practicing our intuition by following our curiosity to seek the answers to our questions and to the thoughts that arise in our heads once the vault of understanding that we are much more than just a physical being has been opened.

Based on my own experience, I can tell you that you can only learn on your own so far.

Since my spiritual awakening in 2020, my curiosity has led me to many resources—people, places, books, YouTube channels, etc.—to help me answer the questions that have been nurturing me.

But it got me to the point where I literally felt that I needed guidance; I needed a teacher to guide me on my spiritual journey, and I felt ready to learn more and expand my conscientiousness to a higher level.

When you get to this point and are guided to the right source and the right person, you must have absolute trust in your teacher.

You might be thinking now that it is impossible to have complete trust in something you do not know.

That is why I am mentioning intuition here. It is a practice.

Practise, which will lead you towards the right people, places, situations, and knowledge. But also towards the right teacher.

It is important to trust your intuition and allow it to guide you towards the right teacher who will help you on your spiritual journey. By opening yourself up to learning and expanding your consciousness, you will be able to grow spiritually and reach a higher level of understanding. Trust in the process and have faith that you will be led to where you need to be in order to continue growing and evolving on your spiritual path.

Your intuition, that inner gut feeling, that first instinct to do something, that nudge, that calling, that "itch," will literally guide you in the right direction to make spiritual progress on your ascension path.

Similar to this, put your faith in the direction of your spiritual journey and let your intuition guide you towards more knowledge and development.

Just as you trusted your teacher's expertise in school, trust in the wisdom of the universe to lead you towards spiritual progress.

So, believe, per say, that a logical point of view must then be lacking, but trust no.

If you want to really advance,

"The student must exercise self-discipline."

This is a must.

You see, as a student, you must build your own character, and for that, you need discipline.

In my first three years of spiritual awakening I would research and study eagerly every single day and even night to get the answers to nurturing questions. After that time, I felt like I hit a wall and was not sure which direction to go from where I was at the time.

I started literally to affirm to the universe to guide me towards a teacher, a master who will help me evolve even more and will guide me towards the Truth.

I have found my teacher and master after three and a half years of studying spirituality, different religions, symbols, the meaning of life and death, energy, different dimensions, human psychology, occultism, mysticism etc., as well as learning about and developing my own psychic powers ( which we all have!) in conjunction with listening to my inner feelings, my intuition.

It is not an easy journey because any teaching must be practiced, tried, and tested. And it can be very difficult, uncomfortable, or even painful on many levels: mental, emotional, psychological, and physical.

But only through the application of new knowledge into your life and trying it for yourself will you be able to either take this knowledge with you on board and, through practise, transmute it into wisdom, or you will let it go and move on to the next because it is not serving you positively.

Remember, growth and transformation often require stepping outside of what is familiar and comfortable. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and personal development, knowing that the challenges you face will ultimately lead to greater understanding and fulfilment.

"And this is the asset test.".

In the early days, I would find that the more I practised, the more discipline I exercised over myself, the more I knew.

It can be hard at times, which is why I will share with you one piece of advice that has helped me tremendously to progress spiritually:

Let it be fun and easy!

Always look forward to the new challenge with energy and an attitude of excitement rather than fear, and become a detective of your own life path.

When I started to embody the energy of excitement rather than fear, facing the unknown, I started to remove the resistance. And even though sometimes it is still difficult and challenging to get myself out of my comfort zone and open to new knowledge and experience, I realise that only through trial and error I will progress and expand my consciousness, having to gain the best asset—the experience.

There is no easy way.
There is a quick way.
And there is a long way.

The quick way is by far the most dangerous and difficult; the long way is much safer. So, it is up to you how much you really care about your spiritual progress, not up to your teacher, partner, friends, family, or anyone else in your external environment.

Once I had embarked on my spiritual awakening path and my consciousness started to expand, I "lost" a lot of friends and connections, simply because others did not resonate with what I was learning and sharing with those who were simply, let’s just say, in a different season of their lives.

On a side note, you will still be going through periods of procrastination, burnout, demotivation, etc. But this is part of the growth process.

So the other advice I can give you based on my own experience is:

don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like you took two steps forward and five steps back, because this will also teach you to not try to get ahead with things and allow the natural progress to happen with your discipline, and to allow yourself to find balance with everything that is going on in your life.

So, keep acting; even if you feel like you are not making progress, you are.

You learn not by chance but by making mistakes.

"You cannot help others without helping yourself."

This refers to sharing with others what you have learned, making it an essential part of your spiritual progress. And through sharing with others good teachings, you become a better person.

You start strengthening your own character and confidence, and you start to learn how to set strong boundaries with others.

Based on my own experience, once I embarked on my spiritual awakening path and my consciousness started to expand, I "lost" a lot of friends and connections simply because others did not resonate with what I was learning and sharing with those who were, let’s just say, in a different season in their lives.

At the beginning, it was a difficult one for me because once you start learning about this higher spiritual knowledge and wish to inspire and bring more clarity to others, it doesn’t always be perceived as such, simply because you are expanding and the other is stuck.

You start to become literally a better, more versed person, more adept.

And it applies to everything you do: if it’s your job, you become the best at it; if it’s a spiritual job, you're trying to become the best at it too.

Your spiritual life must always come before your material life.

It should become your main motive in mind.

Ask yourself a question:

Are you interested in your spiritual progression?

But truly, truly interested in YOUR OWN progression?

Of course, you must have a material means to look after your body ( eat, drink, put close on, shelter, etc.), so you must be really balanced about it.

However, the spiritual life is the most important one.

At the end of your life, you are not able to take your material possessions with you, but you will be able to take with you all your spiritual possessions and transmute that positive spiritual karma towards your next lifetime.

Through your personal spiritual growth, you are not only helping yourself but also the entire planet Earth, or even the universe, as a part of one consciousness.

I believe it is very important to understand once you embark on your spiritual path.

I want to mention the importance of personal prayer.

During that personal prayer, when you pray for yourself—for your own healing, for your own betterment, and for your own inspiration—and there is nothing wrong with praying for yourself, you should do it!

"In that formula is a period of confession where you virtually confess to God."

You could say it is a form of examination for yourself.

I remember making a list of all my sins throughout my life, whatever I remembered, just before my spiritual awakening, and going to my hometown church to ask for ( probably the most challenging of my life! ) confession.

This never happened.

Because it didn’t need to.

The whole point of this exercise, if you want to put it that way, was to be honest with myself and with the Absolute—God, the Universe, the Creative Power, whatever you want to call it—and take responsibility for the mistakes I have made up to this point.


We all experience, to a certain degree, the same mental and physical limitations.

But with a bunting desire within you and the willingness to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, with persistence, perseverance, and faith, you will keep growing and progressing on your spiritual path.

The more you learn, the grater you become, because all learning is about God.

It’s amazing what you are able to do if you make up your mind to it.

Recall that progress and growth on your spiritual path necessitate faith, endurance, and tenacity. Accept suffering and never stop improving so that you can excel in all facets of your life. Decide to do incredible things and never stop developing.

That's the thought I'll leave you with.


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